Beijer Electronics launches BoX2 pro motion


Beijer Electronics launches integrated servo motion solution with BoX2 pro motion controller

BoX2 pro motion is a fully flexible and complete solution that handles the majority of servo motion applications and combines well with Beijer Electronics’ broad range of servo products, as well as all kinds of EtherCAT based products.

BoX2 pro motion

The solution is built around the BoX2 pro motion controller – a dedicated CODESYS based motion controller with EtherCAT fieldbus. A flexible solution that can handle most servo motion applications up to 16 axis with a cycle time down to 1 ms.

BoX2 pro motion

The CODESYS SoftMotion license provides access to the distributed clock (DC) allowing full synchronization of two or more axis. In addition, advanced users can take advantage of the included CNC and robot license that offers functionality such as circular interpolation and axis groups.

The BoX2 pro motion requires no specialist knowledge. Take advantage of pre-made templates and code with all the basic functionality included, and create complex servo motion applications including speed control, position control, torque control, synchronization and interpolation.

The BoX2 pro motion controller combines seamlessly with Beijer Electronics’ servo drives, motors, X2 HMIs and other automation equipment in a powerful combination.

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